The Student Driver

When hubby is driving, he would always remind me to observe what he is doing. Sometimes I forgot to do this as my eyes are somewhere else. He keeps on reminding me to observe and imagine the situation as if I’m the one driving. He likes it when I always ask questions about his driving and that would made him think that I’m really observing what he is doing. Later this afternoon, I was a bit silent in the car and never told him that I was observing him. We were trapped in a traffic jam and the road was a bit inclined. I remembered what my driving instructor told me on a situation like this and I was waiting if hubby will do the same thing as my instructor told me. When my hubby started to move the car, I told him he was wrong. He was a bit surprised because he didn’t realize that I was observing him. He just gave me this excuse… I’m on a hurry… LOL!


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  1. I want to learn how to drive but I guess that should wait. I couldn’t learn while being pregnant. 🙂

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