What Happened to Me?

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to join the church activity at 6:00pm coz, I had asthma. I went home directly after attending a whole day seminar as I’m already gasping. When I arrived home, I felt very, very cold and felt like I had fever. I took the thermometer and it read s 37.5 degrees Celsius. Without any doubt I took a Paracetamol to diminish the mild fever. I decided then not to go out tomorrow and will just have to take a rest.

Today my cousin called and reminded me of our activity tomorrow. I told her we’ll meet by 3:00 pm because we will have to make the necessary preparations for the activity. But after lunch, I had LBM. My stomach is really painful and I kept coming back from the toilet. I felt cold and I think I’m having fever again. I called my cousin and informed her that our appointment is cancelled. Good thing, she understands my situation.

I felt very weak right now. I hope I will get better for our school activity tomorrow.


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  1. ohhh, i pray that you will feel okay tomorrow friend…hoping you can sleep good tonight … get well soon

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