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DCTECH: My New Internet Provider

Yesterday we have staff from DCTECH (an internet provider which is based in Davao City) for the activation of our internet and in just a few seconds it’s done. Hubby and I were then excited to use the computer to check the connection’s speed. Wow! I was impressed as the speed reached to 538 kbps. Compared to my previous internet provider where it only gave me a 30 kbps speed for a 512 kbps subscription. My connection is more stable now because it’s an ADSL connection and I can say that I’m happy about it. Added to that, I also like their customer service because they attend to my concerns immediately. They even informed me through text and call me on my landline just to inform me about my schedule for the activation. I also find them organized because whenever they come to your house for any concerns, they have this Service Report where customers rate their satisfaction for the service provided and you can also put comments on it.

I thank God for this and I hope I can have more writing task soon… Happy Blogging to me!!! He.he.he.


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