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Every Saturday we have Bible studies for mothers at Barangay Balulang. We taught them about the Bible and everything they need to know. One of the lessons we would like them to learn is in the aspect of their finances. As they were talking last Saturday, I heard them sharing about their debts and how to pay them off. That is why we decided to also have a session where they will learn to manage their finances and paying off whatever debts they have. We believe that this is important because oftentimes, debt reflects our emotional and spiritual condition. Some couples often argue because of debt. I guess it would be nice if they learn how to delay debts. Teaching them about debt management and the pros and cons of debt consolidation will surely help them manage their resources. It would also help them alleviate their lifestyle because oftentimes they are struggling under debt and most of their resources are spent paying off all of those. We would like the mothers to learn the concept of Christian debt management because the Bible contains wise advice on becoming financially prosperous. By teaching them about the principles of the Bible, I’m sure these mothers will surely become a blessing to their families.


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