Filipinos Living Abroad

Do you believe that Filipinos are everywhere? Some would say that everywhere you go, you will always find a Filipino in every part of the world and I guess I would have to believe in this. These Filipinos are working abroad and are now living there. I have lots of friends who are now living in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and in the UK. What’s good thing about them is that they have already bought some properties of their own. I saw my friend’s photo where she already had her nice car and the other friend also has her beautiful newly built home. Wow! They were truly blessed.

Last week, I have watched the news on TV where it talks about Filipinos who were affected with recession. Some of them don’t have work anymore and are still waiting for a slot to be given a job. The worst thing is that, some of them has just purchased a house and it would be difficult for them to pay for it since they don’t have a job anymore. To solve this problem, they are considering of having a mortgage loan in order for them to pay off their properties in this time of crises.

I just hope they can still have their jobs back and that they can pay off their properties the soonest time. May God continue to bless them!


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