It’s Summer Time!

The grass on our yard is now starting to become brown. It’s now very hot outside and it’s very dusty because the soil is too dry. Teens are now wearing short pants and sleeveless as the weather is too hot. Wow! It’s summer time already!

Whenever summer time comes, I have to be extra careful about my health because this is the time where my asthma triggers occurs. So I have to be ready for my Vitamin C, anti-allergy and my anti-asthma medication. Why do I need to be ready? It’s because this is the time where a lot of outings and vacations usually happen and this is what I’m excited about.People would love to go to the beach and hang out on different adventure places. I hope our family will have the opportunity for a mini-vacation this summer. Despite the very hot weather I would still love to go out and enjoy the summer. Yeheeey!!!


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