The Graduation Ball

I’m sure a lot of seniors are now busy preparing for this event, a night of dining, dancing and entertainment. This is also one big event of every students be it high school or college. Here in the Philippines, the graduation ball is not held in the campus but they chose special places like hotels and party venues. Dress code for this special event is usually formal and students are now into choosing dresses that would perfectly fits them.

When I was in high school, we never had a graduation ball because the school administration didn’t allow it because it would be an added expense on the part of the parents. But when I was in college, we had a graduation ball but I did not join because the fee was so expensive. Aside from the fee, you will also be spending for your dress and make-up. I’m not saying I didn’t like to join, but I just didn’t have money at that time. I was being practical because I’m the one paying my tuition and joining the ball would be too much for me. Despite that, I believe that events like this are good because you will have the opportunity to meet friends and have fun.


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