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I was at the mall the other day and happened to see a dental clinic. At the front side of the clinic there’s a huge poster that truly caught my attention. I was curious about the picture, so I stopped and read the poster. It’s all about Dental Implant, a new procedure of replacing missing teeth. I was even more curious how the procedure is being done. I looked at the poster more closely and I was even more amazed as I have come to understand that this is the procedure that most of our local celebrities are getting into. They chose it because it’s the closest prosthetics to natural teeth. Unlike bridges or dentures it doesn’t affect any adjacent teeth. I’m quiet interested about this but my friend told me that it’s quiet costly to have this kind of procedure. I think it’s a bit expensive because the procedure gives you an optimal result. 
For those of you who might be interested to have this kind of dental procedure, you can check out San Diego dental implants. You can have a consultation with their implant Dentist, Dr. Safarian. Act now and have that irresistible smile you’ve always dreamed of.


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