Family of Bloggers

I’m into blogging because my cousin Lalaine introduced me to it. I was motivated to blog because of the earnings she got from paid posts. So now, I’m earning from paid posts like her. After a few months, I happened to dropped by my other cousin’s blog, Eleanor. She’s also into blogging and she has so many blogs. Whenever we have the chance to meet each other, we always talk about blogs and opps and the like. Some of our relatives don’t find us interesting because they can’t relate to what we are talking about. But now, I’m so amazed because my Nanay, aunties, and cousins are also into blogging. Wow! We are now a family of bloggers. They can now understand how it is to be a blogger too. LOL! For now, they are still into adding widgets on their blogs and looking for some nice templates. I will have to post their links on my next post so you could also visit their blogs.


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  1. Such an awesome family of bloggers.

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