Thank’s so much Koko for giving me this award, thanks also for the friendship!

I’m passing this award to:

1. Denise of Shortybear’s Place – She’s my newest blogger friend who’s presence never fails to encourage me all the time.Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog everyday. 
2. Laureen of “Word’s from my Heart – She’s my bestfriend and her life is truly a blessing!
3. Laurencita of “A Glimpse of a Widows Heart – A loving and generous Nanay… Thanks for being a blessing to me.
4. Fe of Fe’s Journey of Life – She’s my new found friend. For just 3 months we have already established a wonderful bond as friends. Thanks for being so nice to me.
5. Anne of Love is all about Love – My hardworking friend. Your hardwork and your love for your kids is a great inspiration. Thanks for the friendship. I’ll see you around. 
* You can also pass this award  to your blogger friends!


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  1. Congrats, and thank you so much for sharing this award with me my friend.

  2. oi, tnx jud au gurl. naouch jud au ko. krn pa ko kabalik oi, busy man gud tapos ng flu pa jud ko. tnx for the friendship.

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