God Answers…

Yesterday, my husband said that there’s a car accident along Gusa Road here in Cagayan de Oro City. He said that it was a Bugo Jeepney that was hit by a big truck. I was a bit worried with the news because I might have relatives riding in that jeep. My brother came to our house last night and told me about the accident too. He said that he could have ridden that jeep too together with my mom, but the driver didn’t saw them that’s why they took the other jeepney instead. 

After the talk with my brother, I was so thankful to God that indeed he answered my prayers. That incident was one of the answers to my prayers. I always been praying for my family’s safety and I’m thankful that God is protecting and keeping my family safe. Thank you Lord!
I’ve heard that the passengers of that jeepney were brought to the hospital. Let’s pray for their fast recovery…


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  1. So happy that God kept your family safe.

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