Philip Baker: Secrets of Super Achievers

I was cleaning our room today and I found this book “Secrets of Super Achievers” by Philip Baker. It was given to me by my cousin Lalaine which was brought by her husband from Malaysia. It was a Christmas gift but until now I haven’t finished reading the book. (tsk.tsk.tsk.) At the middle of my cleaning, I stopped for awhile and read the book to give myself a break. I finished the whole chapter 1 and tonight I will try to finish around 1 or 2 chapters. I like this book becuase it gives me great insights on becoming a better person.
Chapter 1 of this book talks about the Quest for Character. As I quote from the book “Character is about doing what right, and not necessarily what is convenient or well received. Character is about building an inner world that remains stable and secure, despite external concerns or comforts“.
I will share my learning from the other chapters on my next post.


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