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Repainting the Kitchen

Yesterday, I was cleaning the white plastic chair in our house. Actually it doesn’t look white anymore, because it’s already covered with stains and molds (LOL!). It took me a long time to clean it and I did a lot of brushing on it. But the sad part was it didn’t looked clean the way I expected it to be. It does still look dirty. I was thinking maybe it would look clean if I repaint it, but I was afraid that mom might get angry with what I did to her chair. Anyway, I still continued with my plan. As I went outside to get the paint, I remembered that I need to paint the shelves in the kitchen. So there goes the shift of my plan, from painting the chair to painting the kitchen shelves. I cleaned the shelves and started to repaint it and forget about the chair. (LOL!) As I painting, I was also praying that I hope I am doing the right thing. I painted it yellow and it looks nice when the lights are on. I enjoyed painting it and I even did not notice the time. After that I went to my husband’s office and I told him that I did some repainting job at the house. His face was worried. “What part of the house did you paint?” he asked. He was worried coz, mom might get mad with what we did to her house. I told him, it’s just the shelves. 

Night came and it’s time to go home, mom was with us. She’s the one who went inside the house first. I was outside waiting for her reaction and she immediately asked my husband… “Did you paint the kitchen? My husband replied… “It’s Bogie who did that!” My mother in law was smiling and told me that it was nice. She liked it and wanted me to paint the whole shelves instead. She even told me, you’re good in painting! Wow! Thank God my husband and mom love my work.


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  1. Great job dear one.

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