Saving for the Rainy Days (2)

Last January I’ve made a post “Saving for the Rainy Days“, where I talked about my coin bank. Last Friday, we finally opened our coin bank. I think this is the most exciting part when we save. So, my husband opened it and started counting all the coins from the can. We have saved around 3,000 pesos. Before, we planned to buy something from it but we decided to add it to our savings in the bank. I went to the bank the following day and brought all the coins… it was so heavy… as if I was bringing a bomb! ..ha.ha.ha..
Today, we plan to continue what we have started. We don’t have a coin bank or a piggy bank yet, but we will try to find one tomorrow so we can start saving again. 🙂

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  1. Congrats, that is awesome sweetie.

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