Sunday Movie Night

When it is Sunday night, my husband usually doesn’t have time to watch movies as he needs to sleep early because of his work the following day. But tonight will be different. We will have a Sunday movie night together. I guess we’ll start to watch by 10:30 pm as he still playing computer games and I am also blogging. We’re planning to watch something funny tonight, but I still don’t know what kind of movie we’re going to watch tonight. He said it’s a surprise. My husband is now preparing the DVD and the DVD player. He wanted to put the big speaker on the TV, but I told him it won’t be necessary as we might disturb the neighbors. My husband is so fond with audio-visual set-up and effects and one of his dreams is to have a good home theater systems. He plans to renovate the other room as his home theater at the same time his music studio. He plans to put nice home theater speakers on it. But that would just be a dream for now because we still don’t have the resources for the things we need for it. Anyway, I know that will come at the right time. For the mean time, we’ll just have to enjoy what we have and enjoy the night as well.


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  1. Sounds fun.

  2. sharan says:

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