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Four years ago, I worked as a customer service assistant. My job was to orient people how to use their ATM Cards as well as giving them instructions on what to do if they encounter problems in the future. If the problem can’t be solved they need to call a customer service representative on a toll-free number given to them. Some of the older clients we had didn’t understand what a toll-free number is. They keep on asking about the cost of making the call. We just answered them politely that it is free of charge.

Toll- free numbers are now very common and have proven to be successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. It allows individuals to reach businesses without being charged for the call. In this way, people are more attracted to make a call or make responses about the business. Some of the businesses here in the Philippines had higher customer satisfaction and had facilitated interoffice communications while improving cost efficiency because of this.

If you want your business to attract more responses to would be customers, why not have a toll-free number for your business. It’s very beneficial to have one because this will be your means of staying in touch with your customers. It will also give you an update about your customer’s needs and help you boost customer service. A toll-free number will also help you get an update on the trends in the market because it will then be easier for your customers to reach you. Most of all, customers loves toll-free numbers because it’s FREE!

So, if you want to get your business a good break; why not get your 800 number at 800PBX Inc. It’s a company dedicated to providing one of the best toll-free virtual pbx services in the industry. There services are loaded with features and they have amazingly low monthly fee.


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