Mother's Day

Flowers For Mother’s Day

Next Sunday, is going to be Mother’s day. At Church, we are now planning on some activities to give honor to mothers and one of our plans is to give them some giveaways. I suggested to give them flowers. But this time the flowers are not fresh flowers but it is made of cloth/fabric. So starting last night, I was busy doing the fabric flowers for Mother’s Day. I already finished 15 pieces of flowers and hope to add more tonight. I hope the mothers will love this as this is my labor of love to them.
By the way, these flowers are very easy to make and I know some of you knows how to do it. But if you dont know how and wanted to try it out, you can leave a comment and I will teach you.
A Blessed Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


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  1. Fe says:

    wow, nice na xa bogs,…im sure ganahan ang mga parents ana…

  2. Flowers are so beautiful.

  3. whaaa…dli na lugar ko ma surprise ana gie kay kta naman ko…hhahahhah..

  4. bogs, ma datu man jud ka ana ba if e bizniz nimo imong talent 😉
    hurot na jud akong bilib….

  5. tsada!excited ko makadawat.char!

  6. What a beautiful bouquet! Have a lovely weekend. :~D

  7. wow..i don’t know how to do it..he..he..

    HAPPY mother’s Day to your mom !

    Mother’s day here is on August 12

  8. The roses you made are wonderful.
    Thanks for visiting…

  9. yes gie it was truly appreciated.. Nanay told me it was beautiful! Sayang, wla ko naka dawat da!:)

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