The Blind Masseur

I have a blind masseur friend. She was blind at age 4 because of an illness. She was blessed to have a glimpse of her mother at her childhood years and that was her only remembrance about her mother. Now she’s married to his co-worker who is also a blind masseur. They have a 2 year old little girl who gives joy to them.
While she was massaging my body, she was silent for a moment and suddenly she told me. “Oh, Ate (older sister) You are thin.. I thought you’re big.”  I was laughing. “Why do you say so?” I asked. She told me that is was because of my voice. LOL! I guess she’s not only giving me a massage but she’s also trying to picture the way I look.
Anyway, it is my prayer that the Lord will bless her in all aspect of her life. Even if her sight is limited I hope she can still find joy and strength in the Lord.


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  1. Thanks for having such a caring heart for others.

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