Thankful Thursday

True Beauty

My Thankful Thursday post will focus on this week’s TT Theme, “True Beauty”.
I thank the Lord for the beauty of His creation and it causes me to think of his greatness. One of the most beautiful creation that can truly moved my heart was His creation of the Universe. I can say that it is indeed true beauty. I stand in awe how God placed each stars, each planets and other heavenly bodies. What is more amazing is he named all of the stars in the sky and He call them by name… He is truly amazing!
When I think about God’s creation, my heart is indeed grateful for who He is. Thank you Lord for being such a GREAT GOD!


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  1. Came by to tell you that I have something special for you at my place, hope you like it.

  2. This is such a lovely thankful post sweetie, bless you.

  3. It simply takes my breathe away when I think of His creation, how each star is placed. Thank you for joining us with your grateful heart today over at TT! -Laurie

  4. it's amazing how expansive the world is and he created it all!

  5. Indeed it is amazing when you let it sink in .How this creation is HIS handwork…..


  6. Isn't His creation awesome?!!

  7. and God's grace is as infinite as the universe :)…

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