Meet the Parents

We will be having our Family Day activity next week, so I scheduled a meeting for all the PTF Officers today. Meeting parents has always been a struggle for me because I feel a bit intimated about their presence. I’m not comfortable talking to them especially that they are still new to the school and I’m afraid I might say something that they might misunderstand. I also find uncomfortable dealing with parents who are so meticulous or shall I say perfectionist.
Anyway, at exactly 5:30 PM today, all the parents came. They all look happy and excited about the meeting. When we had our discussion, I thank God that everything went on smoothly. No objections, no violent reactions as all the parents agreed on what has been brought about. All of them were very kind and understanding. The discussions and the planning made us all the more excited about the upcoming activity.
God was indeed with us during the meeting. Thank you Lord! It is my prayer that our family day activity will be a success.
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  1. Amen! Praise God!

  2. Praise God that everything went well.

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