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Yummy Sunday: “Sweet Corn”

It’s corn season here in the Philippines. I took this photo during the birthday celebration of our Pastor. This sweet corn saves the day as the rice was half-cooked. So we used this as replacement for the rice. We truly had a great dinner together with this sweet yummy corn.

By the way, my other blog “Perfectly Blended” is the home of this Yummy Sunday meme. Please visit my other blog and join me every Sunday. Thanks!


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  1. wow! yummy, one of my favorites.

  2. yes..favorite ni nanay ug ni tricia..soryy I missed Yummy sunday wla mi conection..huhuhu!

  3. yummy…thats my fave snacks..especially now im preggy…
    thanks for visiting sis..

  4. sorry bogie ha, i just opened my blog kasi we're in pain now, wala ko nagblog, you can check sa akon blog for the reason…yes i will join next week

  5. yumyum, i love sweetcorn.. makes me hungry sis..

  6. I love corn.

  7. Yummy!yellow corn is my favorite.

  8. Yummy!yellow corn is my favorite.

  9. kalami gud ana gie…gai ko beh…

  10. I miss the corn from my hometown. Your featured corn makes me hungry and wish I could be home soon. I joined Yummy Sunday for the first time today. Visiting and joining you.

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