Fun Family Day

Little Evangel Christian School the school I’m working with, had a wonderful Family Day celebration today. I was so happy that all our students together with their family were present during the activity. Most of my Nursery pupils were very excited with their dance presentation. It was their first time to dance and dancing in the stage for the very first time was a great accomplishment for them. The parents were so proud that they can’t stop cheering and taking pictures of their kids. The highlight of the activity was the “EATING TIME”. This time each families shared food together and had the time to bond each other. The kids had fun with the games too.
I thank God for the fun family day. It is my desire that those parents who joined in our activity today will always remember to spend time with their families.


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  1. I can't help but chuckle when I read about the highlight of the activity- EATING TIME! Abi ko unsa ang highlight..pakals man diay hahaha!!

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  2. You are so sweet.

  3. kato untang starring akong anak.joke!

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