We are currently preparing for our church anniversary and I planned to download the song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. We love this song so much and we have decided to let our Sunday school children have a dance presentation out of this song and the kids are excited about it.

As I was browsing the internet, I was led into a page where it says something about the MercyMe accident. I was curious about it and read through the news. It happened on a Sunday morning when their bus collided. There were three passengers who died in the accident and none of the MercyMe band members were injured. Anyway, a lot of Christians are calling out to pray for the MercyMe band and their ministry. Pray for those families who suffered their losses. May God continue to encourage them in their time of grief. Hope you can join in prayer too!

Below is the video of the song “I Can Only Imagine“.


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  1. yes..i like that dance from the kids..so cute!! i youtube dayon ha?

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  2. I love mercy me.

  3. I love this song

  4. excited nako sa presentation nila. lol!

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