PowerPuff Girls

When I was in college I have this friend who was so engrossed with PowerPuff Girls. She loves collecting everything from stickers, pillows, bags and etc. There was one time while eating at McDonalds, the store’s theme for that month was PowerPuff girls and there were a lot of powerpuff stuff inside the stores. She was so happy with the decors and asked one of the store crew to give her one powerpuff poster. The crew was generous and gave it to her. Since I knew that she’s collecting powerpuff stuff I started also liking powerpuff stuff. I have collected a lot of key chains, stickers, posters, stationeries and etc. My brothers were teasing me that I’m like a high school girl but I find them cute especially “Bubbles”. My boyfriend who is my hubby now, also found out that I’m fascinated with powerpuff so during my birthday he gave me a surprise gift. Guess what? It’s a powepuff girl – “Bubbles” stuffed toy.

Look at the photo… Isn’t she cute? Until now, I still like “Bubbles” but I’m not anymore as fascinated as before. In fact, I already left this toy at my mom’s house, hmmm.. I should get it back one of these days. LOL! I was wondering if my friend still likes powerpuff girls. I haven’t seen her for years. Hope she’s living a good life.


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  1. I use to love bubbles too.

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