A Birthday Gift for Hubby

Next month is hubby’s birthday. I’m now thinking about my birthday present for him. I wanted to give him something that is useful. He loves anything about computers, guitars and guitar gadgets. I wanted to give him one of those but I find all of it very expensive. So, I thought of giving him a new watch because his watch is a bit worn already. I was browsing some watches online and I found Patek Philippe Watches. Their designs were nice and it’s indeed perfect for a birthday gift. But as I was checking on the price, I was so surprised to find out that I can’t afford any of those. (Ha.ha.ha.) Anyway, I will have to find another present that will be very special for hubby as well as practical for my pocket.


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  1. PTL for the opps

  2. cathara says:

    last may was my bfs bday, i gave him a watch and he liked it. i think thats one of the safest gifts:P its a fossil watch from l timestudio SM:)

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