Anniversary Gift

It’s going to be our 3rd wedding anniversary this coming Tuesday. As of today, we don’t have plans yet because I still have chicken pox. I will just wait for hubby’s surprise that day. (If there is..) Anyway, last Wednesday I have already received an early wedding anniversary gift from my cousin. She’s always giving me gifts and this time she gave me a cash gift. What was funny about it was that, she send me a personal message on what to do with the gift. I truly appreciate her generosity.
Talking about gifts, I still haven’t thought of what to give for hubby on our special day. He seem to love guitars, guitar gadgets and everything about computers. But these things are truly expensive and I can’t afford any of these. He also doen’t like to receive expensive gifts from me. A simple gift is what he truly appreciates. Anyway, I think I will have to think about it over and over again. Hope I can give something special.


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  1. tagai ko pen beh? heheheehe. nag invite manang vicky anniversary aunti Biating?

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