I love Pens

I love collecting pens of different kinds. Even though it’s only a tiny piece of thing but I appreciate it when people gave me a pen as their gift. Much more if they will give me personalized pens, I will truly leap for joy. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with pens. Maybe because my mom is a teacher and she have plenty of it. When I was still a little girl, I often used her pens to scribble just about anything I can think of. I often write love letters and stories that only my mom can appreciate. Through her pens, I also started making my own paper dolls and shared it with my cousins. Sometimes, I invited my cousins in our house and play pretend teachers.
Now that I am also a teacher, I also have lots of pens of different kinds and colors. Everyday, I brought it with me and people would usually borrow my pens. It’s good to let others borrow my pens but oftentimes they fail to return it. That is why I keep on buying pens all over again. Good that there are now affordable stylish pens which I can easily give away when people wanted to borrow my pens.


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