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I know of somebody who is currently under the influence of drugs. He is acting normally, but most of the time he’s acting weird. Sometimes he just seem to disappear and his family doesn’t know about his whereabouts. He returns after a month or two as if nothing happens. His family has been trying to understand what he is going through but most of the time they can ‘t bear the burden of dealing with him and his problem.

For most people, one good solution for this is to bring him to a drug rehabilitation center wherein he can be provided with better help about his problem. He can also have the opportunity to learn about his addiction and allows him to find out what triggers it. One thing that I am looking for in a drug rehab center is a program which will help the person not just on emotional aspect but as well as on the spiritual aspect of his life. I believe that once a person will have a personal encounter with the Lord he will then likely to have a changed life, a happy life, a life free from drugs.


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