Refrigerator Magnet Collection

When I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s house in Malaysia, I was surprised to see her refrigerator packed with all kinds of refrigerator magnets. It comes with different designs and styles and most of it was bought from the different parts of the world namely United States, London, Japan and etc. She is so fond of collecting refrigerator magnets and when her friends find out that she’s collecting this kind of stuff, all her friends are so supportive about her collection. Whenever her friends find refrigerator magnets in one of their travels they don’t fail to buy a refrigerator magnet for her. I was curious about her collection and checked them one by one. I checked to find out if my country Philippines was there. I was so happy to see a cute jeepney refrigerator magnet. She told me, it was given to her by a Filipino friend.
I admire her for having such a unique collection. I can barely see her refrigerator because it was already covered with beautiful magnets. I can’t imagine myself having that kind of stuff because it’s very hard to find a unique and stylish refrigerator magnet same as hers. Her collection is also an indication that her friends truly love her because of the many refrigerator magnets she got from friends all over the world.


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