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Whenever my cousins come to visit me in the house, I never fail to ask them about thier relationships. I often ask them if they already have boyfriends or girlfriends. One of cousin admitted that she already had a boyfriend while some other girl cousins would just give me a sweet smile. The boys on the other hand would honestly tell me that they do have girlfriends. My cousins are years younger than me,that is why I can easily talk to them like their big sister. For the girls, I told them to introduce their boyfriends to their parents to check if the guy is really sincere. Added to that, I also reminded them to look for a boyfriend who has a good character, who is loving and most of all a person who loves God. If they will do this, I’m sure they won’t have problems in their relationships. I also told the boys the same story. I also told them not to play around with girls, instead they will have to respect and love them no matter what. One of my cousins told me that he and her girlfriend are having misunderstanding lately and he doesn’t know how to win her heart. I told him, “You have to learn Sweet things to say to your girlfriend so she will listen to you”. While all of my cousins were listening about our conversation, everyone laughed and made fun of my cousin who honestly shared her feelings toward her girlfriend. Good thing, I can still relate to my cousin even if I’m already a bit older to them.


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