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Yummy Sunday 49: Sunburst Chicken

Hello everyone! I am very sorry to let you know that Yummy Sunday is moved here for the mean time because my Perfectly Blended site is down and I don’t know when it will be fixed. I am very much sorry for the inconvenience.
Anyway, here’s one of my favorite fried Chicken from Sunburst. Sunburst chicken are yummy and they never fail to provide yummy dishes every time I visit this restaurant. I love their chicken skin menu and my hubby also love their crispy chicken esol. Have you tried this one yet? Well you have to try it because it is indeed delicious.
Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!
PS. Next Sunday we will meet here for your yummy food photos! See yah!


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  1. Thanks for letting me know sis what happened, is it hacked?

    Your chicken looks yummy!

  2. Sunburst Chicken…where can I buy this? I love fried chicken! Thanks for the comment you made on my post, if not for that I wouldn't know there was a problem at your other site. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  3. Sunburst – my favorite chicken! I can eat the whole 5-pcs chicken leg, hehehe… lami-an pa gyud ko sa ilang coleslaw :p

  4. ive been to sunburst chicken but sadly i never had their fried chix. we went there to have buffet bfast b4 heading to Divine Mercy (el salvador)

    may facebook kayo ate? add me pls

    agent112778 at yahoo dot com

    daghan salamat

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