Hair Cutting Lessons

My husband is so lazy to go to a barber shop and have his hair cut. He would often tell me, if only he could cut his own hair then he would do it. A few weeks ago I decided to buy a scissor and do some experiments on his hair. The first hair cut was okay but nobody noticed that he has a new hair cut. Of course, I didn’t cut it so short as I am still afraid on what might happen to his hair. The other week came and I again cut his hair. This time I made it a little shorter and he told me it was nice but still needs a little bit of perfection. Yesterday, I again cut his hair and I decided to cut his hair short… really short. While cutting his hair, he was busy watching a movie on his PC which means he is not so concerned about his hair. After an hour of cutting his hair he was so surprise to find out that his hair is indeed short. He immediately look at the mirror but I was so happy to see him smiling. Thank God he like his haircut.
My next step is to look for videos on YouTube and learn haircutting lessons…


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  1. ayay! pede naka magtayo ug salon/barber shop bogs…ehehhehe!

    salamat sa dalaw….:)

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