Look Into My Eyes

by Bogie
Every time I say something very important I always asked my students to look me in the eyes. I always make sure that I get their attention. Children are easily distracted so whenever I give a very important instruction I make sure that they are focused to everything I have to say. I also taught them to look at the person’s eyes whenever they say “I’m sorry” to prove their sincerity.
One day, one of my students hurt his classmate. So I called him and asked him about the mistake he had done. He didn’t bothered to listen to me so I approached him. I told him to look me in the eyes and he was kind of shy when he looked at me. I told him that what he did was wrong and he needs to say sorry to his classmate and so he did.
After my class this morning, I noticed that my eyes were itchy. I guess its an allergic reaction to dusts so I looked at my face on the mirror. Oh, I noticed some lines on my eyes now, a sign of aging. A few years from now, I’m sure the kids won’t love to look at this eyes. I guess I need to visit www.wrinkleeyecream.org to check out the cream that would fit my skin type as well as my budget.

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