The Jeepney Ride

I went to visit my mom last Friday and rode a jeepney to reach her place. While inside the jeep, I saw one man holding a cigarette. I was looking for the “No Smoking” sign but I can’t find it. All I did was just looked him straight in the eye and let him understand that what he was doing wasn’t fair because there are other people who are non-smokers. I guess my sarcastic look didn’t worked at all so I kindly asked him to please take his cigarette away and have it somewhere else. But if he insist and can’t control his cigar cravings, he can opt for electronic cigs where other people wont be affected because there will be no smoke or combustion. He was kind of frustrated when I asked him to put away his cigar, but thank God he was gentleman enough and did just what I have told him.
Well if you happen to be in this kind of situation and you are a non-smoker like me, what do you think you would do?


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