God Made You Amazing!

Do you believe that God made you amazing? If you are not assured that you are not an amazing person, this poem is for you. This is written by Holley Gerth of incourage.me. Hope this poem will encourage you today.

Has anyone told you lately how amazing you are?

It’s about time you heard it again.
I hear you saying, “Who me?”
I’m saying right back, “Yep, you.”
the one doing your thing,
making your difference,
being a glorious mess
that God can use.
getting back up
when you fall down,
trying again
when it doesn’t work out,
doing the hard, the different, taking those steps of faith.
wonderfully made just like you are,
and on your way to becoming all He made you to be.
I see you squirming in that chair, squinting a little at that screen and thinking,
“That’s for other women but I’m not so sure about me.”
Girl, believe it, receive it, it’s true.
This is for YOU.


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