Happy Teachers’ Day!

Today is the Teacher’s Day in the Philippines! Most public schools didn’t hold classes because their teachers had a special celebration. Some private schools also had special celebrations where teachers are honored.
I am so blessed because my some of my pupils brought me flowers today. One girl approached me this morning and brought a beautiful rose and told me…”Teacher, happy…happy… (she forgot!). She was already a bit shy so I immediately took the flower and hugged her. She smiled. In the afternoon, another student brought me a bouquet of flowers. Others gave special notes that were truly encouraging!
I thank God for the life of these kids. Most of all I am thankful for their thoughtful parents who bought the flowers for us.
Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there! Happy Teacher’s Day to my mom too!


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  1. Happy Teacher's Day! In Taiwan, teacher's day is August (Confucius Day). Happy Mid-week!

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