Sexiest Male and Female Celebrities

A month ago, I saw a show on TV that featured the Philippines sexiest male and female celebrities. The results were based on the votes given by the fans and other individuals and they were all ranked from 1 to 20. I was happy to see my favorite stars who were included on the list. I was also surprised to see a lot of new faces. I actually didn’t know their names but I guess they were included on the list because of their beautiful faces as well as their beautiful bodies. The men also showed their masculine side when they walk on the ramp displaying their huge bodies. Some young male stars where asked about their preparations for the show, they said they did a lot of work outs in the gym and of course proper diet. I’m sure they have also used body building supplements like creatine monohydrate,but they just kept it a secret. Anyway, the stars looked good and they truly deserve to be called the Philippine’s sexiest celebrities.


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