Your Body Size

People change — so do our sizes. Agree? I used to have a waisteline of 24 cm but now I guess it’s already 27. I am not sure if I can still maintain this size but all I know is that it can’t be mine forever.
Some of my friends are worried about their sizes but why fret about it? If that is your body size then be happy about it. Some of our insecurities came from comparing our sizes to others which is not helpful at all. If you need to lose a few pounds, take the time to watch your diet. You can take weight loss pills and go to the gym if you want. In the meantime, just don’t pressure yourself about desiring to have the size of a beauty queen. Give yourself room to breathe. Love your size and improve it one step at a time.
“Beauty is measured in smiles, not in pounds”


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