Get Together

Every 25th of December, one of my relatives invites us to her house for a family gathering. Last Saturday, we went to her house and all the relatives were there. It was a wonderful time to meet together and enjoy each other’s presence.
We had three grandmothers who joined us in the get together. Even though they were not that strong enough, they still managed to travel and enjoy the celebration. The grandmothers were so blessed because they were accommodated very well. They were served with great foods and seated in a home theater seating while watching their favorite TV show. While the granny’s are enjoying their chitchats inside the room, we also enjoyed talking with each other at the dining area.
We had games that day. We had so much laughter and most of all we all went home filled with joy because the host was so generous enough to give us Christmas gifts. No wonder she is so blessed because she never fails to share her blessings. Bless her heart!


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