On December 31…

What are your plans on the last day of 2010? Most New Year’s Eve in parties and social gatherings, noise making and enjoying music. But the usual thing we do is just spend the night together, singing, watching fireworks and enjoy great food. Oftentimes my mother in law would usually encourage everyone to wear clothes with dotted prints.
For this year, I’m planning of doing something new for our New Year’s Eve gathering. Instead of wearing clothes with dotted prints, why not wear something special like a gown, a prom dress or a formal gown. I’m excited about it but I am not sure if everyone will agree with my plan. I think this plan is good if we can spend the New Year’s Eve on a nice fancy place. But if they won’t agree with my plan, I still go with the usual New Year’s Eve gathering. What is important is that we enjoy our time together as a family.


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  1. sa dec. 31… we will have our year end evaluation and planning as a couple…

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