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My good friend is now living in California because she married a Filipino guy who lives there. She is now working as a nurse and her husband is into real estate. I was so happy to hear the news that she’s already 5 months pregnant. Now, she’s updating me with her pregnancy through chats and most of the time photo sharing. I was so happy to see that she looks beautiful at her pregnancy … must be a girl? I hope so!

Photo sharing with her through the net is fun but sometimes there’s a delay in sending the photos especially if the photos are too large. Sometimes we just skipped the larger photos and proceed to the next one. Most of the time, we couldn’t share photos and decided to just share photos on Facebook. I hope she can try digital photo frames. It’s a digital frame that automatically displays photos and can be shared directly to families and friends. It can send photos from your camera or computer directly to the frame and it can also upload photos directly from phone or email. It’s unique because it connects via existing phone lines or wi-fi. It’s a very convenient way of sharing photos without consuming much of your time. I hope my friend can have this before giving birth so I can easily get an update from her.


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