College Intramurals

When I was still in college, my classmates would get excited when it is Intramurals Day. It’s a school event wherein different colleges compete in a variety of dual, individual or team sports. I am not into sports so I am not that excited with it compared to my classmates. I can’t seem to understand their excitement and I thought it’s just a waste of my time.
When I had the chance to work at the University where I graduated, I began to understand my classmates’ excitement about the Intramurals. It’s not just an opportunity for them to showcase their talents in sports but at the same time they get excited to get trophies, medals and of course the colorful and expensive uniform. Coaches from different colleges are also excited to receive coach gifts and awards. Who would not be excited about all these? Even though I am just watching while my classmates play, I too am happy for them.


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