Horseback Riding

Five years ago, I had the opportunity to try the horseback riding event at Eco-Village Gardens of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro City. We went there because it was our school’s field trip and we were surprised to find out that there was a horseback riding adventure in the garden area. Many kids tried the fun adventure. To ensure their safety, the garden custodian allowed them to wear equestrian helmets to serve as their protection. The horse looks so cute, so I also tried the adventure. I was laughing and a bit scared. But when the horse started to move and roam around the garden, I was very happy about it. It felt good even if I was riding under the heat of the sun. I totally had so much fun.
After a year, my family and I went back to the garden. I went immediately to the garden area but sad to say there were no more horses on the ground.


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