Our Graduation and Recognition Program for 2011

Today marks the 10th Graduation and Recognition program of the school where I am teaching. I was so happy to see the parent’s very proud seeing their child climbed up the stage and receive their awards and certificates. It was a very tiring day, but my heart was filled with great joy because God was truly in control of the program.
God provided us a very nice and comfortable venue in one of the Christian churches here in CDO. The people in that church did not only offer their place as venue for our program but one of their members has been a blessing to us in making our program run smoothly. I am very thankful for their lives. Thank you Auntie Grace and Junie!
The kids on the other hand were very happy! It was not just a day to receive awards but it was day for showcasing their talents. They were very excited with their dance presentation and always asked if it is already time to dance. The singing of their closing song was one of the funniest because there’s one kid who wanted to play with the microphone.. (LOL!) Anyway, the other kids were not distracted though.
I am very thankful for this day. I am very thankful for all the people who helped us especially my cousins, Kizza, LJ and Maris. Thanks also to our church friends Ate Nenette, Honey and Koko. Thank you!
With all the wonderful things happened today, all I can say is that God is so good!
To God Be The Glory!


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