Keeping in Shape

Its summer time and I am thankful that I am free in the morning. My teaching schedule is done only in the afternoon so I got to exercise in the morning. It’s been almost two weeks now that I have been doing Hip-Hop abs and I am hoping that I will be consistent with the schedule. I am not planning to have awesome abs but I just want to develop a healthy lifestyle.
Aside from the exercise, I am trying to eat healthy foods. I am still “trying” because I love eating especially fast foods. Anyway, I am also taking vitamins and health supplements and it helped me improved my immune system. I have heard that there are conjugated linoleic acid supplements which will help you burn fat easily. I haven’t tried this yet so I am not sure if it’s effective.
Proper exercise, right kinds of foods, and taking vitamins will surely help us keeping our bodies in shape. It requires discipline and it usually take a lot of time. But with patience, we will surely have a happy and healthy life.


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