Going to Town

My co-workers in the university were invited for a town fiesta. Everyone was hesitant to go because the place was very far and the weather wasn’t so good. I came in the office was and they also invited me. It was unplanned and I can’t say no because I don’t want to be a killjoy of their excitement.
So went to our co-worker’s house. We traveled almost two hours to the town proper. But to our surprise, we will have to travel another 30 to 45 minutes to reach to our destination. On our way to the house of our co-worker, we can’t see any person passing by. It was very secluded and the place was getting dark. They have no electricity. All we could see were tall corn plants and tall trees and nothing more. Everyone was getting scared. Good thing, our friend has an Off road led light bar on his vehicle and that was the only light we could see on the road.
We reached to their house and thank God we were all very safe. Some of my friends didn’t want to stay longer because it was very dark. The area wasn’t reached by the government’s supply of electricity because it was really very far from the main road. After an hour, decided to go home and bid goodbye to our co-worker’s family.
It was one of the trips that I couldn’t forget because it was my first time to visit a place that has no electricity. I hope the government has already provided electricity for those residents living in that town.


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