PC Rig Upgrading

It was about two years ago since I’ve made some upgrades on my PC. The first two upgrades was to first, increase my memory from two-1GB RAMS into two-2GB and second, replacing my graphics card from ATI’s 128-bit to nVidia’s 256-bit. I was very happy with my rig’s uprgraded performance not until I noticed that my new video card seems to overkill to my 17-inch LCD monitor, so a couple of months later I sold the monitor and bought a 22-inch LCD monitor. I was impressed with my new monitor because it comes with two types of display connections. Well the usual VGA cable is still an option but I use the DVI for clearer uncorrupted digital display interface.
I was also surprised to know how my video card is capable to interface with HD TV. You see, almost all TVs released nowadays can be interfaced using HDMI which is also an additional feature to my current graphics card. You see, if I plan yo have an HD TV, interfacing it with my current PC rig could never be much fun. All I need is to have appropriate cabling systems which I can avail them from an Optimized Cable Company, I’m pretty sure they’d be able to help you with all your digital optimization needs.
Today, technology evolves in a lightning flash manner. My current rig is already outmoded and just like any human beings who are no longer able to live independently and may need Elder Parent Help. This PC set up of mine will eventually need my sensitive care and maintenance. I still love my current set up. If I’m planning to upgrade it, I will definitely assemble a new one.


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