9 Wonderful Websites Every Social Worker Should Bookmark

There is a plethora of wonderful web sites out there covering topics that are of interest to social workers. By visiting some of the best ones regularly you can learn more about what is going on with the social work profession right now and where it is headed in the future. Here are 9 of those wonderful web sites that every social worker should bookmark.
Social Work News
Social Work News gives you a good idea of what it is going to cover right in the title. This web site gives you a wide range of in-depth news stories on all kinds of topics related to social work in some way. Best of all, you can see news stories on social work from around the world to see what challenges and successes are taking place in other countries.
The New Social Worker Online
This web site is a comprehensive resource for social work topics. You can read about ethics, bullying, issues with clinical work, and what you need to know when you are looking for a job in the social work field. Any social worker can learn a lot here.
Social Workers Speak
Social Workers Speak presents more news stories from the media including such noteworthy ones as how social workers help military personnel who have been sexually assaulted and how a social worker went to see Mariah Carey in the hospital. Research and Hollywood social work topics are included too.
Social Work Today
This web site covers social work news, research, and more. Its section on how social work interacts with governmental forces features some especially interesting articles.
Social Work News And Resources
This page provides many positive articles on how social workers are making a difference in this world. This makes this site one to bookmark because it can be easy to forget just how much good social workers have done when you are looking at what there is left to do. This page also talks about the challenges that social workers face.
Journal Of Global Social Work Practice
This web site is a journal that talks about social work practices around the world. It helps to share information about social work so that all may benefit from what is learned. This journal lets social workers share their experiences and you should visit it often.
Social Work News
Social Work News is similar to some of the other sites already mentioned but shares some stories that you will not find on the previous web sites. There are so many issues in and surrounding social work that the number of news stories seem to have no end.
Geriatric Social Work Initiative
The Geriatric Social Work Initiative focuses on the issues that social workers face with elderly individuals and their families. Social workers can help families to make good decisions so that their elderly loved ones are well taken care of.
FriedSocialWorker.com is your resource to learn more about burnout, discover career resources, and have a laugh. It is easy to become discouraged as a social worker and this site tries to help.
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