Methadone Detox: Does It Really Helps?

These days, one of our society’s problems is drug addiction and one of this is opioid dependency. But with the advent of our modern day technology, methadone detox came about. This is a type of drug that is used to counter all the withdrawal symptoms of an opioid addict. It is cheaper, more accessible, and is governmentally controlled substance found in local clinics. By using this, addicts are able to overcome their withdrawal symptoms. And since this drug has a long duration, unfavorable symptoms can be controlled until the following day just in time for the patient to take the next dose. Methadone is also very effective to manage pain as well. And because it costs less than oxycodone, morphine, or vicodin, a lot of patients who are suffering from severe pain would opt to use this drug. However, there are some issues regarding patients who develop dependence to methadone treatment over time. Hence, heroin addict patients have the tendency to become methadone addicts as well. So, does Methadone really helps?


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