Paperless World

My mother in law informed me that one of our local bank doesn’t need to papers anymore for deposits and other transaction. She was so amazed because she didn’t have to write down all her bank transactions but all she needed to do was to put all her transaction in a machine provided in the bank. Since she was not so familiar with the machine, a bank assistant helped her complete the transaction. When I heard about it, I also visited the bank and indeed it was true. I find it very convenient and at the same time very time efficient.
In today’s high tech society, humans are now making every effort to grasp the paperless society in order to save the Earth by preserving more trees that are used for papers. Book lovers for instance are now buying ebook readers and others are into using pc tablets. These gadgets are very handy and very efficient. Eventually these will allow people to limit the use of paper and help save the environment.


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